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We all want to share our favorite foods with our pets. After all, those puppy dog eyes are just TOO CUTE!

That's why we created Table Scraps®, a complete collection of jerky-based dog & cat treats that bring not only your favorite homemade recipes to your pet, but your favorite Disney characters too!

From Organic Honey Roasted Turkey to yummy Roast Beef, Table Scraps® has a recipe that your dog will go crazy over! What are you waiting for?

You know you need to collect them all!

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It's not easy picking out the best treats for your pup. There are so many different kinds and so many ingredients that aren't best for your furry friend.

At Table Scraps®, we created each recipe with pets in mind. Not only for taste, but for what's good for their tummies too!

All of our recipes are made with clean-label ingredients and contain nothing artificial. Plus, there's no fillers or by-products, so you know your pup is getting 100% good stuff with each treat!

You can have peace of mind knowing our team is committed to ensuring you can be the hero in your dog or cat's life!


our commitment to

Earth is the only planet that has dogs & cats, and we think that's enough of a reason to do our best to help it stay healthy and happy!

At Table Scraps®, we're committed to increasing our sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. All of our recipes are made with Upcycled Ingredients - which means we're rescuing the "misfit" foods from going to the landfill and using them to bring yummy treats to dogs of all shapes and sizes!

As manufacturers, we know that ethical sourcing is critical to ensuring our products are the best they can be. That's why we were the first pet treat manufacturers to be certified by the Upcycled Food Association. 

Plus, we've created recipes that are USDA organic certified, made with Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable salmon, 100% plant-based, and always have USA meat as the #1 ingredient!

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(who happen to love our treats)

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