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Fish are friends, not food. INTRODUCING 100% Plant-Based Jerky Dog treats.

We're going above and "beyond" what everyone told us was "impossible".

We've introduced not one, but TWO totally meatless recipes to our

Table Scraps lineup! Not only do they look and smell just like our meat-based recipes, but they fit into all types of different lifestyles! From owners looking for a treat that fits with their vegetarian values, to pups with meat sensitivities, and those looking for a more sustainable future - we've got their backs!

So how do you do it?

While we can't give away ALL our secrets, we can tell you this.

These recipes are formulated with Pea Protein as the #1 Ingredient and blended with all-natural meat flavors and superfood ingredients like sweet potato, flaxseed, & chia seed.

These treats are 100% plant-based, meat-free, vegan, vegetarian, and dog approved!

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